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Interim Financial Advisory

'manage accounting information as a strategic source!'

Lumus et Locus is a dynamic advisory boutique working in the field of making financial flows visible and report thereon for companies, not-for-profit organisations and financing banks. Engagements are executed for management, shareholders or other stakeholders of organisations as well as financing banks. Our reports are structured and used as management information to control an organisation and taking decisions.

Recent developments

In 2009 the European committee has adopted the Basel II legislation which mainly includes that financing banks have the obligation to set a 'credit rating' for each client. This credit rating is the basis for the interest on the loans. If the credit rating is lower, the interest will go up (increased risk of default). Two elements are included in the credit rating, quantative information (financial information like the balance sheet) and qualitative information. The latter includes timely and thoroughly management reports, assessment of management, innovation and competitors. Main purpose of these elements is to prove that management is 'in control', in other words fully understands the drivers for sales, profit, working capital and related cash flows. Not only for past periods but also the current trading and (revised) forecasts. And reported in a structured way, including detailed analyses in writing

Lumus et Locus has prepared a reporting tool which will be tailor made for each organisation. Based on the trial balances, the report will be prepared and analyses will be carried out in detail. These analyses provide information on the different financial flows in each organisation and are included in our reporting tool. Primarily, these reports are prepared for management as they have to be in control.

An advantage for clients is that the content of our report will be discussed with the financing banks. This avoids unnecessary questions and will improve the relation with your bank.

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